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Minecraft Mods The Meat Mod Full Version Free Download

Minecraft Mods The Meat Mod Full Version Free Download

Minecraft Mods The Meat Mod

Minecraft Mods The Meat Mod adds some new features and tools to the meat already present in the game. You can condense various meats both raw and cooked into blocks maximizing storage and minimizing inventory storage.

You can also craft armor from condensed meat as well!

And if you come across a vein of meat ore in your mining, you can craft meat tools too!

Blocks – The Meat Mod:

Currently there are thirty three blocks. An example of the blocks is this. Raw Chicken Block, Compressed Raw Chicken Block, Cooked Chicken Block, Compressed Cooked Chicken Block, etc… This the pattern that all of the blocks follow but with different meats. This is mostly used for storage and for a faster way of cooking your food! Also there is a meat wood block (which will come in handy later :wink:). There is also a meat ore which will spawn randomly in the God’s Fist Mod world (which will when smelted will give you a meat ingot).

Items – The Meat Mod:

Yes there are items. In fact, there are tools raw/cooked armor and compressed food so you can regenerate your hunger faster! The tools act like they are supposed too and are crafted using the meat ingots from meat ore mentioned above. The tools cannot be eaten (don’t even think about it). There is also an ultra meat made from a variety of meats. The meat potion will give you strength and slowness. All items can be fed to dogs.

Entities – The Meat Mod:

Of course I’m going to add entities, what are you mad?! There are currently five mobs (one of which is currently not functional).

The mobs are, the cooked meat zombie, the raw meat zombie, the cooked meat dog, the raw meat dog, and the meat dragon (WIP).

The dogs can be tamed, mated and fed. The dogs are rideable if you attack them. The meat dragon will not do much he is just there for decoration.

Minecraft Mods The Meat Mod:

So here are all the Download links and complete guide to install the Minecraft Mods Calculations. Download and enjoy!

How to Install

Click here to Download

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