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Minecraft Mods Global XP Full Version Free Download

Minecraft Mods Global XP Full Version Free Download

Minecraft Mods Global XP

Minecraft Mods Global XP adds a new block to Minecraft giving you the ability to share your XP with your friends. The XP block has a very simple functionality to give and take XP with ease.

Minecraft Free Download Full Version

This mod is pretty straight forward. It adds an XP Block which allows for infinite storage of experience levels which any players can access. In the Creative Menu, it can be found under the “Miscellaneous​” tab. (Actually the storage is not infinitely large, but I don’t think anyone will store 2,147,483,647 levels in one block, right?)

To view how many levels are stored in the block, just look at it and a nametag-like text will pop up above the block with the amount of levels stored. The block also has Waila support which also only shows how many levels are stored.

To craft the block, surround an Emerald with 8 Iron Bars as seen here:

Crafting recipe



  • Duck + rightclick to add all your current experience levels to the block
  • Righclick to remove one level from the block and add it to your experience bar


There are two configuration options which are also configurable ingame and don’t need a restart. You can…

  1. …configure the speed at which the emerald within the XP Block is spinning
  2. …configure the speed at which the emerald is bobbing up and down

The values you insert are multiples of the default speed. If you would set both to 2.0 the emerald would be animated twice as fast as with the default values.


All you have to do is shift+right-click on the block and all of your XP will be transferred to the block.

Then you or a friend can take back one XP point at a time by simply right-clicking the block.

It’s as simple as that and now you can set up a bank system if you prefer or even just a communal XP source for people in need.

Minecraft Mods Global XP:

So here are all the Download links and complete guide to install the Minecraft Mods Global XP. Download and enjoy!

How to Install

Click here to Download

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