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Minecraft Mods Crossbows Full Version Free Download

Minecraft Mods Crossbows Full Version Free Download

Minecraft Mods Crossbows

Minecraft Mods Crossbows adds a variety of crossbows made from either wood, stone, iron, gold or diamond with 3 tiers of strength within them. They range from standard to lightweight to strong.

Minecraft Free Download Full Version

This is a crossbows mod for Minecraft version 1.10 onwards (unfortunately I will only be creating updates for the most recent version due to some code changes). It adds 5 new crossbows, one for each material, and a vast array of bolts. Each crossbow can shoot bolts of its tier and below. Furthermore, crossbows also have an inbuilt storage space for bolts. This space varies with tier.

With the most recent update (Version 1.6 for 1.11.2) crossbows can also be upgraded with specialist upgrades. At the moment there are 4 upgrades: Scope, Auto Reload, Reinforced Limbs and Tri-Shot.

The bows have an inventory within them as well so you can store a whole separate amount of arrows without taking up additional inventory slots in your main bag. Each tier has a different amount of slots available.

And with this mod you’ll also have a variety of new arrows to try including the flame bolt that lights anything it hits on fire:

The teleport bolt that automatically teleports you wherever the bolt lands:

Or the torch bolt that places a torch wherever the bolt hits:

There are also a few additional upgrade slots to the bows including a scope and an auto-reload function!

Useful information:

Tiers: 1 (Wood), 2 (Stone), 3 (Iron, Gold, Special bolts), 4 (Diamond)

Storage capacity: Tier 1 & 2 – 2 stacks of bolts, 0 upgrade slots

Tiers 1 & 2 – 2 stacks of bolts, 0 upgrade slots

Tier 3 – 3 stacks of bolts, 1 upgrade slot

Tier 4 – 6 stacks of bolts, 2 upgrade slots


Scope – This gives you access to a variable zoom scope that can be triggered with left control

Auto reload – This allows for fully automatic shots

Tri-shot – This shoots three bolts for the price of one (Only one of the three can be picked up)

Reinforced limbs – This prevents the bow from getting damaged at all whilst it has this equipped

Minecraft Mods Crossbows:

So here are all the Download links and complete guide to install the Minecraft Mods Crossbows. Download and enjoy!

How to Install

Click here to Download

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