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35 Latest Minecraft Free Survival Tips And Tricks You Need To See

35 Latest Minecraft Free Survival Tips And Tricks You Need To See

Minecraft Survival Tips And Tricks

Hello and welcome to Latest Free Minecraft Survival Tips And Tricks.

I have been playing Minecraft since classic, which is a very long time.So I decided to make this post about a giant pack of Latest Free Minecraft Survival Tips And Tricks that I have learned through all my experience of Minecraft, in order to help out most of you newbies or pros!

Minecraft Survival Tips And Tricks

Here we go:
1. Only craft one wooden tool (pickaxe), and get stone with it for other tools! Don’t waste your wooden planks on shitty spades, axes or swords!
2. Never dig straight down as you can fall into a ravine or an underground lake of lava!
3. Never dig straight up unless you have a Iron or Diamond shovel on your hotbar, since Gravel and Sand will suffocate you in matter of seconds, thats why you need to be quick with the shovel!
4. Found Diamond? Make sure its not touching any lava before you mine it!
5. Don’t even try to kill that skeleton as newly spawned in a Hard / Hardcore world.
6. Don’t waste food! Only eat that cooked pork chop if there is 4 or more ‘Food Nuggets’ missing instead of eating it when only 1!
7. Don’t use that many blocks for a portal! Do this instead, it works:

8. Always remember that when you are playing minecraft, there is creepers. You might forget its existence sometime happily mining underground, and then you turn around and one is in your face and makes you jump out of your chair as well as giving you a Minor hearth attack.
9. 100% sure the skeleton will shoot you before you can hit it? Block with your sword when it shoots!
10. If the creeper is going to blow up, and there is no time to get away from it, look at it and block! Blocking against creeper explosions reduces a very high amount of explosive damage!
11. If you are playing on hard / hardcore and don’t want any zombies to break in, replace your door with 2 fence gates on top of each other!
12. Escaping a spider but cannot sprint? Walk backwards and punch at it, it’s leaping attack is faster than your walking speed!
13. Don’t do risky jumps unless you are good at it (example a small lava lake or a ravine).
14. Make sure that the jump you are about to do is possible. Here is how long you can jump when sprinting, walking and so on:

Normal jump: 2 blocks and 1 up.
Sprint jump: 4 blocks, or 3 blocks and 1 up.
Sneak jump: 1 Block.
Normal jump with block right above head: 1 block.
Sprint jump with block right above head: 1 block.
Sneak jump with block right above head: Cannot jump over 1 block gap.

15. 1 spider, 1 creeper, 1 zombie and 1 skeleton all coming against you? Use your bow on the Creeper and the Skeleton to keep them away, and use your sword against the leaping spider and the zombie!
16. Super scared of endermen for some reason? Wear a pumpkin, and put water around your house.
17. Fighting an enderman? Hit it in the legs, this highly reduces the chance of it to teleport away or behind you, or be tactical and pour a bucket of water on him!
18. Escaping an enderman? Stand in water!
19. Horde of creepers coming for you? Snipe them or flee.
20. Make your wheat farms more efficient!

21. Make sure that the water ‘down there’ is 2 blocks deep or else you will still take fall damage.
22. Eat rotten flesh, it makes you very hungry, but it heals up 2 food nuggets and depletes about 1 food nugget unless you are sprinting. Which means that rotten flesh is useful.
23. Keep in mind that Poison cannot remove your last half a hearth (kill you), but what the danger is about it that it takes you down to so health that any mob that hits you or fall damage will kill you.
24. Do you have no food on you but a spider eye, and your just about to not regenerate health and you need to regenerate it? Make sure there is no monsters near you, eat the spider eye. It will poison you for 5 seconds, but it will make you regenerate health again.
25. Store your important items in an ender chest, creepers can not destroy it, and other players cannot steal from you as it keeps each players items that was put into it, also if you destroy it with items inside, you won’t have access to those items until you open a new one.
26. Only break an ender chest with a pickaxe with the enchantment Silk Touch, because if you do it with any pickaxe that hasn’t Silk Touch on it, the chest will break into 8 pieces of obsidian and you have to get another eye of ender. The Silk Touch enchantment is only possible to get on pickaxes, what it does is to give you the exact block you mine. For example:
Pickaxe on Stone: Gets Cobblestone.
Pickaxe with Silk Touch on stone: Gets Stone, not Cobblestone.
Same works with Ice, grass etc.

27. Always take a bucket of water when mining. Just so you know – the amount of water present does not affect wheat growth speed. Water will fertilize any farmland within 4 blocks of it, period.

28: NEVER fight skeletons with a Knockback sword. Use a normal, Sharpness, Fire Aspect or Smite sword, but NEVER Knockback.

29. Tired of your farm animals escaping their pens? Use a double gate system, or put a pressure plate on the outside of the gate – it will close right behind you!

30. If playing on hard or hardcore, keep your base underground. You can even build wheat farms! Just make sure it is very well lit.

31. Burn the world down with lava. Pour that beautiful liquid on everything that moves. If it doesn’t move, pour twice as much lava on it. Then laugh as you watch the world burn and smolder around you. (Seriously, try this…it’s lots of fun. TNT makes it better.)

32. Diamond Armor is only marginally better than iron armor, save your diamonds for better things (picks) unless you have an excess of diamonds.

33. Golden hoes are useless.

34. Fire resist potions make you immune to blazes. Collect blaze rods easily with this (just don’t let them hit you with melee attacks.)

35. Use shears for cow-webs
36. Get 2-3 buckets of water AND lava with you,just for protection
37. make a underground base so (Do not ever forever forgets lights and be on peaceful while building,otherwise enderman and spiders welcome you) creepers cannot blow it up,spiders cannot break in,zombies will in surface thinking where the hell did Steve go.but have a little bit risk of enderman teleport

38: Use shovels with efficency on wood istead of axes. But only if you have a decent xp farm, else it takes longer to get a shovel with efficiency IV and unbreaking III than it will pay off in resources.

39. Do not jump into a lava sea in the nether, even with a fire resistance potion, it could be only one block deep and kill you from falldamage.
40. When mining, throw cobble, dirt, gravel and other inventory-filling stuff away, dont store them, you will never use them all (maybe cobble but not gravel and dirt).
41. Do not use fortune on coal, you WILL have an excess of it sooner or later.
42. Having trouble with cave spiders? A bow and a bucket of water (or lava) will help against the cobwebs and lava will even light up the spawning area.

Additional Minecraft Survival Tips And Tricks:

One simple thing that many forget about when surviving that first night is the idea that the only way to make torches is with wood-> plank->stick stick+coal. If you are in a new world surviving the first night but there’s no coal anywhere, be sure to dig 8 cobble to build a stove, keep some wood. Use planks to burn raw wood into charcoal. make sticks and use the charcoal to make torches. I’ve seen many lets play videos that the player is freaking out a little over not finding any coal early on for torches but has tons of trees everywhere.

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Feel free to leave your comments below if you have any kind of questions!

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