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Minecraft Free Download Full Version for PC, IOS, Android and pocket Edition!

Minecraft Game Modes Latest Version and Game Free Download

Minecraft Game Modes Latest Version and Game Free Download

Minecraft Game Modes

Welcome to the world of Minecraft Game Modes. More than adventure, likely to life a 3D pixel game is fabulous to play and disappear from real world to imaginary world, a world of your thoughts. You can control its positivity and negativity. There are vast options for you to play.

There are five modes or you can say five different worlds. This article will briefly explain all o them then it would be easy for you to select your world.

Download Minecraft Game Free Full Version

Minecraft Game Survival mode:

Survival mode is the easiest one of all modes. But its not that easy. You have to survive at any cost and make your steps safe from calamities. You have to build house, cut trees, and find food, kill animals, dig ground, search for mountains and caves for safe place, fight from mobs.

In other words you have to do everything which we do in our real life to survive. You have further two options: single player or multiple player. Playing singly you will find no one else to visit you and in multiple player game you can fight, explore, and find fun with your friends.

Minecraft Game Adventure mode:

Adventure mode is the fourth mode published after survival, creative and hardcore mode. It is just so hard to play. One has to use right tool on right place for example pickaxe cannot break log and axe cannot break dirt. But this is not applicable for mobs, you can kill them from any of your tools and weapons.

There is a map called “adventure map” which will guide you what you have to do next. You have go across the puzzle challenges, mobs fights, parkour etc. If you want to win complete all challenges perfectly. This mode was first named dungeon.

Minecraft Game Spectator mode:

Spectator mode is clear from is name. Its a trial mode to help you. You can visit any ones server or game to pick up much more than tips. Your head only will be shown on sky as you are in trial mode.

You can see everything holes in mountains, cutting of trees, house buildings, tactics to kill animals, fighting from mobs etc. What you cannot see are other players on spectator mode. As they are not a part of play like you, they are having guidance from companions.

Minecraft Game Creative mode:

Creative mode provides you infinite number of blocks which you can use in your way to create heaps of goodness to your server. You can even destroy all by just a click if you want to change something.

There is no health bar to make you tired, just go with your imaginations and create more for your world.

Although mobs, zombies or dragons can attack you but cannot kill you, this means you cannot die as they cannot hurt or harm you. Flying option is here for you, double tap mid button to fly and to stop.

Minecraft Game Hardcore mode:

Hardcore mode is multiple player game. Like other game modes you cannot respawn after death. Died for once you would be available with two options: spectator mode or delete world, you can select either of them.

You can also download an play Minecraft Pocket Edition Free.

Hardcore game server will have all the players on hardcore mode playing in their own way. You cannot even switch to any other mode while playing on hardcore.

Minecraft Game Modes:

These are the 5 Minecraft Game Modes; all of them have much more exciting, adventurous and even challenging. Start playing now to have fun.

Download Minecraft Game Free Full Version

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