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Free Minecraft Mods TUMAT Tell Us More About This Download

Free Minecraft Mods TUMAT Tell Us More About This Download

Free Minecraft Mods TUMAT

Free Minecraft Mods “TUMAT” or Tell Us More About This” is an informative mod able to give brief descriptions of blocks and entities within the game.

It puts the information at the top of the screen as soon as you hover over the item. So if you need to know what type of tool to use to break a block, it will tell you what you need.

TUMAT – Tell Us More About This

TUMAT stands for “Tell me more about this” and is a in-world tool tip mod, like WAILA or TheOneProbe. One big different is that Free Minecraft Mods TUMAT is designed to get the most performance, that means it has no fancy graphics to visualize the blocks (optional enableable in the configs), so the CPU power can be used by other mods.

TUMAT can show blocks, tile entities (sometimes with special information), entities, fluids (source and flowing), but also items that are dropped into the world.

It can display harvest ability, light level,
redstone strength and more. The most features are disabled by default,
but can be easily enabled without restarting the game, inside the mod
config screen. It showes the mod name in the in-world tool tip and the

TUMAT has default integrated the ability to see energy (Tesla, EU and ForgeUnits) and the fluids inside of tanks.

One special feature is that it can show the
slot numbers of inventories (with ctrl), what is a good way to use the
ESDs from Actually Additions or similar blocks

Or if you simply need to know what a block is, then this mod will help ease the confusion.

It will also show the health of mobs and enemies, so you can get a sense of what kind of danger you’re in and how many hits you’ll need to deliver.

You can even use the mod to determine the growth level of crops as well as the power lever of redstone!

Free Minecraft Mods TUMAT:

So here are all the Download links and complete guide to install the Minecraft Mods TUMAT or Tell Us More About This. Download and enjoy!

How to Install

Click here to Download

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